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Here's something important to understand....


While we are very active in the long-term care industry, we are small and nimble. We don't have vast offices, numerous employees, and huge bills to pay. We're not a part of any large corporate structures or prestigious business clubs. We're really not trying to impress the powerful or maneuver for position in some kind of rat race.



CONs, POAs, Medicaid Waivers


The certified-Medicaid bed market is complex and challenging. Whether seeking new allocations of beds or attempting to purchase existing beds, providers, builders, and developers need guidance. We specialize in obtaining such beds in certain markets. In fact, our group is responsible for bringing thousands of beds to market over the last 20 years..


If you are looking to build or operate a new SNF in Texas, Mississippi, or Arkansas, we can help you from start to finish. Period.

LTC Property Development


We offer the complete package. Often, providers desire to build or operate a new facility, and may have a few pieces of the puzzle in place, but need help with other pieces. We can bring those pieces to the table. We bring a full network of businesses and individuals which can fill in the gaps to put your plans into action. We have industry-experienced builders, investors, and architectural/engineering firms which can deliver a suite of options to bring your project vision into reality. 

SNF Operators


If you are a builder, developer, or building owner, or even an existing provider, and you need a management company or quality operator to lease your building, we can facilitate making that a reality. We have networked with numerous operators throughout the country who are always looking for opportunities to expand their footprint.



SNF Leasing Opportunities



The Developers/Builders with which we consistently work are always looking to expand their options and consider fresh providers to NNN Lease new and planned projects. If you are interested in expanding your operations into a brand new facility, reach out and we can begin connecting you to potential projects, or start one custom to your group.

Ultimately, your business is in your hands. You are in the drivers seat of your destiny. we are simply here to provide some directional help along the way. With years of proven success in the industry and a second-to-none network of quality Long Term Care entities, you can enter an elite group of some of the most successful players in the industry.

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